PAPI-protected OpenID Provider

In just a few words: multiple websites, same digital identity. More in depth, use your current organization username/password pair to access all those websites supporting OpenID, PAPOID will make the hard work.

PAPOID is Free Software, so feel free to have a look to its sources. Please, if you find a bug, or have a feature request, or even a patch (that would be so nice!), don't hesitate to make heavy use of the forge for tracking such stuff. Thanks.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Which cultures (subdomains) are available, apart from
    Currently, PAPOID supports four different cultures: eu (galician), jo (catalan), ni (basque) and yo (spanish).
  • Why authentication fails using
    Some sites, such like, don't allow the "final" OpenID identifier (just after authenticating the user against PAPI, as for instance: https :// to be different from the one supplied at the beginning (for instance: There's no reason to worry! Just supply the full identifier, and that's all!